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In Oklahoma history, a “Sooner” was someone who arrived first. At Sooner Thought, we want to be first in your mind when you seek progressive political and social commentary.

The national news media does an excellent job of providing opinions and information from Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles. However, there seems to be quite a dearth of opinion from the American “flyover states.” Sooner Thought, based in the Great Midwest, seeks to fill that gap with incisive commentary, fresh news and a perspective you might not see elsewhere.

Sooner Thought and our companion site the SoonerThought Podcast publishes and broadcasts political and social justice news items not seen in the mainstream media–while providing a distinctly Midwestern flavor to interpretation of that information. We also want to be a place where you can comment and express your opinions about the essays, news items or editorials we post.

Editorials, essays and news stories from established writers and stringers worldwide find their way here. Sooner Thought  also interviews newsmakers, pundits and politicians to get answers to the questions too rarely posed to our leaders and top thinkers.

We pledge to be honest, professional, and respectful of serious opinions–whether they agree or disagree with us.

Sooner Thought: Sooner or later, we hope you will make us a daily habit in your Internet quest for progressive commentary and information.

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