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RFK Says Ohio Stolen in 2004

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006



A damning and detailed feature article, written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for Rolling Stone and documenting evidence of the theft of the 2004 Presidential Election is set to hit newstands this Friday, The BRAD BLOG can now confirm. The online version of the article will be posted tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

The article — headlined on the cover as “Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?: How 350,000 Votes Disappeared in Ohio” — has been several months in development and will contend that a concerted effort was undertaken by high-level Republican officials to steal the Election in Ohio — and thus the country — in 2004!

Kennedy told The BRAD BLOG this morning that “the best evidence says the Republicans succeeded” in their plan.

He writes in the 10-page long article, and confirmed to us today, that evidence shows Ohio Sec. of State J. Kenneth Blackwell was “certainly in on” the scheme, and there are indications that the effort went all the way up to the White House.

The Swift Boating of Al Gore

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006



Al Gore seems to have touched a nerve. An Inconvenient Truth, his new documentary about global warming–a simultaneously frightening and inspiring film–hadn’t yet arrived in theaters last week when a guerrilla movement to discredit the movie had already begun. A network of oil-funded think tankers and conservative media outlets have joined arms to launch the most massive offensive against a PowerPoint presentation ever recorded by man. But there is one salutary effect of this new campaign. The Swift-Boating of An Inconvenient Truth has brought into public view yet another shining star in the right’s anti-science constellation. While the fundamentalist theo-conservatives sowed doubts about evolution during the debate over “intelligent design,” the Exxon conservatives are storming into battle against global warming….

White House Clueless About Haditha

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

White House: Haditha details to be public - Yahoo! News

On Tuesday, White House spokesman Tony Snow said  President Bush learned of the killings only after a reporter from Time magazine asked questions. Time published an article in March that said the Pentagon was investigating the incident.

Asked when Bush was first briefed about the events in Haditha, an insurgent stronghold in western Iraq, Snow replied Tuesday: “When a Time reporter first made the call.”

Supreme Court Limits Free Speech of Government Employees

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

The slippery slope is now effectively greased…

ACSBlog: The Blog of the American Constitution Society: Supreme Court Limits Free Speech of Government Employees

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court held today that the First Amendment does not apply to government employees who speak within the scope of their employment. In Ceballos v. Garcetti, Richard Ceballos, a supervising prosecutor, wrote a memo to his superior arguing that a case should be dropped due to inaccuracies in an affidavit. Ceballos was subsequently reassigned as a trial attorney, transfered to a new courthouse, and denied a promotion. He argued that these actions were retalliation for his writing the memo, in violation of his First Amendment rights.

FRONTLINE: the age of aids –Well Worth Your Time

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

FRONTLINE: the age of aids | PBS


Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Hat tip to TVLampboy for this one.

Alternative Energy Sources: New locations to drill for gas and oil.

Bankruptcy: A punishable crime if committed by working folks; a mere formality if committed by corporations.

“Burning Bush”: Biblical allusion to the response of the President of the United States when asked a question by a journalist who has not been paid to inquire.

Cheney, Dick: The greater of two evils.

Class Warfare: Any attempt to raise the minimum wage to something resembling a living wage.

Climate Change: The blessed day when all blue states are swallowed up by the oceans.

Compassionate Conservatism: Poignant concern for the very wealthy.

Creationism: Pseudoscience that claims Dubya’s close resemblance to a chimpanzee is totally coincidental.

DeLay, Tom: 1. Past tense of the verb “DeLie”; 2. Patron saint of patronage. Energy Policy: Record profits for oil companies.

Extraordinary Rendition: Outsourcing torture.

Faith: The stubborn belief that “GOP” stands for “God’s Own Party.”

Free Markets: 1.) Halliburton no-bid contracts at taxpayers’ expense; 2.) Free markets except when it comes to a) free Internet for all and b) those damned Canadian drugs.

Girly Men: Anyone who doesn’t believe in pre-emptive wars and/or American blood for oil.

God: 1.) Senior presidential advisor; 2.) CEO of GOP (See def. of “Faith” above)

Growth: 1. )The justification for tax cuts for the rich; 2.)What happens to the national debt when Republicans further cut taxes on the rich.

Healthy Forest: No tree or caribou left behind.

Honesty: 1.) Lies told in simple (albeit deceptive) declarative sentences (e.g., “Freedom is on the march.”)

Laziness: When the poor are not working quite hard enough for their $5.15 an hour.

Leisure Time: When the rich are not working at all.

Liberal(s): Followers of the Antichrist.

No Child Left Behind: 1.) Phrase meaning that there are always cannon fodder jobs in the military; 2.) The Rapture. (See Tim LaHaye, chief GOP source of foreign policy/Apocalypse data.)

Ownership Society: A country in which 1 percent of the population controls 90 percent of the wealth.

Patriot Act: 1.) The pre-emptive strike on American freedoms to prevent terrorists from destroying them first; 2.) The elimination of one of the chief reasons that they hate us.

Pro-Life: 1.) Valuing all human life, but only up until birth; 2.) Defining the 150 cells of a blastocyst in a Petri dish as a “human life.” (This would include the trillions of blastocysts criminally flushed away every month by millions of menstruating American women.)

Sanctity of marriage: What exists until a Republican decides to get divorced for the fourth time. Simplify: To cut taxes of Republican donors.

Staying The Course (slang): Saying and doing the same stupid thing over and over, regardless of the disastrous results.

Stuff Happens (slang): Donald Rumsfeld as master historian. Voter Fraud: A significant minority turnout.

Woman: A person who must have all decisions regarding her reproductive functions made by old white men with whom she wouldn’t have sex with in the first place.

Anatomy of a Republican

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006


What Passes for Wit with NeoCons

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Received from my NeoCon uncle via email:

Here’s a quote from a government employee who witnessed a recent interaction between an elderly woman and an antiwar protester in a Metro station in DC:

“There were protesters on the train platform handing out pamphlets on the evils of America. I politely declined to take one.
An elderly woman was behind me getting off the escalator and a young (20ish) female protester offered her a pamphlet, which she politely declined.

The young protester put her hand on the old woman’s shoulder as a gesture of friendship and in a very soft voice said, ‘Lady, don’t you care about the children of Iraq?’

“The old woman looked up at her and said, ‘ Honey, my father died in France during World War II, I lost my husband in Korea, and a son in Vietnam. All three died so you could have the right to stand here and bad mouth our country. If you touch me again. I’ll stick this umbrella up your ass and open it.”

So hilarious.

Of course, if Cindy Sheehan were the “old woman” in question, saying she opposed the war because she lost a son in battle, she would not be celebrated by the NeoCons.

It’s up to Us to Save the Internet

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Save the Internet : Fighting for Internet Freedom

Chavez says US working for coup in Bolivia

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Chavez says US working for coup in Bolivia - Yahoo! News


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday bluntly accused the U.S. ambassador to Bolivia of trying to stir up military rebellion against his leftist ally Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Think this sort of thing never happens? Think again:

Covert United States involvement in Chile in the decade between 1963 and 1973 was extensive and continuous. The Central Intelligence Agency spent three million dollars in an effort to influence the outcome of the 1964 Chilean presidential elections. Eight million dollars was spent, covertly, in the three years between 1970 and the military coup in September 1973, with over three million dollars expended in fiscal year 1972 alone.

Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case Long After Loss

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case Long After Loss - New York Times


“They lied and lied and lied about everything,” Mr. Kerry says in an interview in his Senate office. “How many lies do you get to tell before someone calls you a liar? How many times can you be exposed in America today?”

His supporters are compiling a dossier that they say will expose every one of the Swift boat group’s charges as a lie and put to rest any question about Mr. Kerry’s valor in combat. While it would be easy to see this as part of Mr. Kerry’s exploration of another presidential run, his friends say the Swift boat charges struck at an experience so central to his identity that he would want to correct the record even if he were retiring from public life.

Mr. Kerry portrays himself as a wary participant in his own defense, insisting in the two-hour interview that he does not want to dwell on the accusations or the mistakes of his 2004 campaign. “I’m moving on,” he says several times.

But he can also barely resist prosecuting a case against the group that his friends now refer to as “the bad guys.” “Bill Schachte was not on that skimmer,” Mr. Kerry says firmly. “He was not on that skimmer. It is a lie to suggest that he was out there on that skimmer.”

He shows a photograph of the skimmer being towed behind his Swift boat, insisting that it could barely fit three people, himself and two others. “The three guys who in fact were in the boat all say he wasn’t there and will tell you he wasn’t there,” he said. “We know he wasn’t there, and we have all kinds of ways of proving it.”

Mr. Kerry has signed forms authorizing the Navy to release his record — something he resisted during the campaign — and hired a researcher to comb the naval archives in Washington for records that could pinpoint his whereabouts during dates of the incidents in dispute. Another former crew member has spent days at a time interviewing veterans to reconstruct every incident in question.

Frank Rich: Gore Should Run in 2008

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Frank Rich: Gore Should Run in 2008



Rich recalls: “An anti-Hussein hawk who was among the rare Senate Democrats to vote for the first gulf war, Mr. Gore forecast the disasters lying in wait for the second when he spoke out at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Sept. 23, 2002. He saw that the administration was jumping ‘from one unfinished task to another’ and risked letting Afghanistan destabilize and Osama bin Laden flee. …

“Most important, he noticed then that the administration had not said much of anything about ‘what would follow regime change.’ He imagined how ‘chaos in the aftermath of a military victory in Iraq could easily pose a far greater danger to the United States than we presently face from Saddam.’”