THIS POEM WAS WRITTEN FOR MY . EVA, UPON HER WEDDING .. WEDDING DAYWhen you were born, I knew from the startYou were a special girl, near to my . pith and engagi



THIS POEM WAS WRITTEN FOR MY DAUGHTER, EVA, UPON HER WEDDING DAY:EVAS WEDDING DAYWhen you were born, I knew from the startYou were a special girl, wholesale silver jewelry, looming to my heartYour compassionate pith and engaging smileBrightened my days and helped me go another mileAs you grew up and blossomed like a sunflowerYou touched many lives as you rose like a towerI asked God to aegis you find your callingProtect you from ruin and keep you from fallingFrom the age of six, wholesale jewelry, you had no mom in your lifeSometimes you were filled with chaos and strifeYou didnt rent these obstacles stand in your wayAnd now you are near your conjugal dayI pray that you and Jack would truly be oneHelp each further as your lifes lope is runEva, jewelry manufacturer, Im proud of you as I can beYou are a beautiful peeress and dear to meI love you uncommonly much and pray for the bestThat God has to adduce from the east to the westMay he allot you your hearts wishes, 925 Sterling Silver Rings, And allot you beautiful young to stain your dishesPut God in your home and in everythingHe commit bless you as you put on your married ringEva and Jack, united as husband and wifeWalk together happily on the rotation of life.Dadcopyright 2004 Irvin l Rozier

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